A sweetened tea base forms the nutrient solution for the SCOBY, a complex association of yeast fungi and valuable bacteria that convert the sugar through fermentation and release a variety of health-promoting active ingredients into the nutrient solution. It takes a few weeks for Kombucha to "mature"!

Low sugar

The fermentation process converts up to 95% of the added sugar. As a result, the finished beverage no longer contains any significant amounts of sugar, but instead a large number of healthy enzymes, lactobacilli, vitamins, and amino acids.


After fermentation, the tea-based drink contains numerous, valuable ingredients. The right-turning lactic acid promotes blood circulation, activates liver metabolism, and ensures a balanced intestinal flora. Acetic acid helps break down fat and protein. Glucuronic acid has a detoxifying effect and helps to eliminate harmful metabolic products as well as substances foreign to the body, such as nicotine, drugs, or environmental toxins. Vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, and enzymes support skin, immune system, bone formation, and dental health.


What does SCOBY mean?

SCOBY is the name given to the kombucha or tea mushroom. It looks like vinegar, is solid, and has a slightly gooey consistency. SCOBY stands for Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeasts. Various lactic acid bacteria and acetic acid bacteria as well as yeasts cluster together in a very small space and work closely (symbiotically) together.

Is Moya Kombucha an ice tea?

While a tea base is the foundation of Moya Kombucha, it is a lot more than that. It brings the good ingredients of tea along with the healthy benefits of natural fermentation.

Does Moya Kombucha contain alcohol?

The kombucha culture consists of yeast and bacterial colonies that convert some of the sugar into alcohol, similar to wine. During further fermentation, the alcohol is transformed into organic acid. A small amount of alcohol is contained in Moya Kombucha (<1 percent by volume).

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